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Who’s Your Caddy – The Golf Club preReview

There are about as many golf games available as I have fingers and of that small pot they all are pretty well made. The Golf Club by H.B. Studios is no exception, this game holds up with the current competition of Powerstar Golf and EA Sports Tiger Woods. I had the pleasure of testing out the Steam Early Access version of TGC which will be making its way to Xbox One in the very near future.

The Golf Club gives you total control of club selection, aim, power, augmentation of your swing for wind adjustment and good-ole-fashioned “gut-feeling”. With all those factors in play, each shot has a different outcome which constantly changes the dynamic of every game you play. I played a few rounds (I’m terrible at golf) but still found myself wanting to play more. That feeling made me realize that TGC was a totally competent game that anyone could pick up and find enjoyment in it. My only gripe so far would be the mouse/keyboard controls; I really, really believe that the console versions will have a tremendous advantage on that due to the precision and wonderful design of both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

There are several official golf courses in the game that look like the real-deal and also a robust course creation tool which expands the replayability factor. The first thing that piqued my interest about the ability to create courses was the achievements! (Xbox One). Hopefully the community will be able to create some awesome content that will help newcomers to the golf genre have a much easier time with completing/enjoying this title.

Let’s be honest, not many people are clambering over the mountains of other games available to get their paws on golf game titles but there might be a special place for this title especially on consoles. Golf is a very technical sport and precision and concentration is key. I previously mentioned Powerstar Golf because comparatively that’s TGC’s only competition at present. The two are actually different styles of games, with The Golf Club being more simulation and a lot less “goofy”.

Since this is an early release and not a final build, I cannot in good faith give it a numerical score, however I look forward to reviewing the Xbox One version in the near future but for now the only review I can give it is: -“I’d tap that”

Go Go Fast Finish Arigatou GFWL Climax-ida SHUTDOWN OPERATIONOSAN!

I gave the old Xbone some glamor shots a few weeks back and haven’t gotten a chance to post them until now:

Old Ry-Guy hooked a brother up with this!

While I’m on the subject of that CrAsian, there’s also this:

Go Go Fast Finish Arigatou GFWL Climax-ida SHUTDOWN OPERATIONOSAN
(Love, Fight, Fast, Hard | Oh No’s | Giggle)

Read more about the latest escapades with http://www.trueachievements.com/Ryot+Control.htm on his blog!! [ http://www.trueachievements.com/gamerblog.aspx?gamerblogid=52230 ]

While executing the above operation, Silly Silv busted up his computer something serious 🙁 but I couldn’t be down for the count! I had to regroup and push my 5-year build a PC up by 1 year and did this over the weekend:

I’ve been cooking more lately and made these nom-noms:

I updated my website to include about 200+ hi-res images of just games, food and crap so feel free to check it out!


Remember, remember, the 26th of September

Last year was jam-packed with a plethora of highs; meeting new people and logging serious hours in terrible games which made for an awesome time since they were done with wonderful people. I finally crossed the 400,000 mark, wait, oh shit…that doesn’t count. Let’s try that again… I crossed the 100,000 mark again in gamerscore which brings me to the only real low of 2013, the rise and fall of BL4CK SiLv4 R.I.P =(

My first post of the year won’t be all doom and gloom but I might as well get the lame points out of the way and finish off with all the good and stay positive for the coming year. During ‘Super Deals September’ some of the too good to be true deals were what did me in. I swam like a Legend in the forbidden pools of Oman and danced the night away in with the Gods Among Us in Bosnia, alas I digress, the moral of this story is never what your eyes first see, always peek behind the veil!

I played with fire unknowingly and got burned, 400,705 Gamerscore worth of burn, ouch that stings…anyone have some ointment? Just a shtickle of cream please? It really hurts =( I’m turbo sorry I’ll never do it again!

That’s me just being an ass, I really am sorry though, after reflecting on the numbers I put up in Q4 2013 on my new tag (BL4CK SiLvA) I kind of got complacent about the colossal amount of points I dropped (101,550). That’s no fucking achievement…That’s me regaining ground that I’ve already covered! You were at 400K bro, that’s mad cheevos achievements yo! That’s the little red devil on my shoulder talking but the powerful, pride-filled, fun-loving achievement-whore super-slut on the other shoulder would kick me in the cheek and say ‘press on, you’ve got this’ So I did! It was pretty clear that ole’ Silly Silv4 wouldn’t return so I sent XBL Policy & Enforcement one last msg this morning before putting a period on the last chapter in that book:

Remember, remember, the 26th of December, remember, remember, the 26th of December, REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 26th of…what? Fuck that press on, you play because you love it, you score because you need it, you commune with the achievement community because that’s just who you are! Fuck the number, it doesn’t matter, you know you can make it happen again, shit you can even double it…now DO IT…

So after the pep talk myself gave myself, all that anger, all that doubt, all that frustration and just hate left me.. Banned; done, move on. Take it out on the score, show those points who’s boss:

In other awesome news, Xbox One came out and I went bananas on the purchases:

Couldn’t control myself and boy do I appreciate everything in that picture. X1, while vastly superior to the X360, is fun, exciting and just plain great, I still find myself attracted to my 360 where I still have an innumerable about of titles to tackle and seriously look forward to attacking. Throw in PC, Win 8 and WP games and my god, I’m one distracted young man. What should I play?!?!?! …said no silva ever!

My favorite games of the new gen are as follows:
Peggle 2
Forza 5
Battlefield 4 (when it works)
Dead Rising 3

Those are really the only ones I had time to sink in to and enjoyed every bit of it. Can’t wait to rock out in 2014, this is MY year =)

Check out the top games of 2013 on the latest episode of the Gamerscore Popcast where Rand, Stal, Omega and I discuss all the great stuff from 2013.

Gamerscore Popcast #119: Game of The Year Show

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Mass Effect Demo Gets an “F”…..Cup!

I got early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo this weekend and all I have to say is…..WHOA….This along with Bioshock Infinite are my most anticipated titles of the year. From what I’ve seen of the very spoiler free trail is a lot more polish on an already solid game. I won’t give away too much and ruin it for the folks that will have access to it starting this Tuesday (2/14/12) nor will I gloat, boast, or repeatedly say “this is fucking awesome” because everyone will do that on their own when they get the chance to jump in! I give the demo a perfect score and I know the full game will also receive just that sooooo that’s all I’ve got….I’m going to go replay that demo again then jump in to some Darknasty II and hopefully make that my next completion.

BL4CK OWNED – RangoOOooooooOOOo

I genuinely enjoyed this game! Hated the cut scenes being unskippable but it’s a very well put together “platformer” with very few irritating portions. This can be completed as most guides say in a little under 6 hours but not little old me lol. I constantly have random distractions and situations that arise which cause me to idle even on the easiest of games like Rango! All in all, I’m glad this was the 1st in a long line of completions that I plan on conquering in the months to come….1 down 84 to go woot! RangoOOooooooOOOo!!!


I’ve decided to start completing more of the games I play because over the last few years I kind of said “eh fuck it.” It’s just a little sad that I’m barely over 100 completions and I’ve played over 400+ games lol. It’s time that I got back to ‘BL4CK OWNED’, a term I used a few years ago whenever I’d complete a game. My current completion percentage on trueachievements.com is 58%, I’m not really a stats whore but something about that bothers me so I’ve recently added the goal to tick up those numeros to 75% by years end and to complete 85 more games before January 1, 2013… Hopefully I can not get annoyed at what I play for the next few months to seriously put a dent in that “goal”. I’ll at least look forward to making silly graphics for each completed game when the time comes and i’ll do my breast best to “rate” the aforementioned games as I finish in an effort to give my honest opinion of each title….Stay tuned!


In case you missed the rating system that I posted 2 years ago, i’ve included it below….yes I know, juvenile isn’t it?? Welcome to my world…:)

>> [POST contains uh….. ‘mildly suggestive adult content’ lol] <<

Surgeon Generals Warning PT2


Espgaluda II – My first trip to Japan (gaming)

*Knock, Knock*

Me: “Who’s there?”

USPS Agent: “Mailman”

Me: “Ahh, do enter good Sir!”

USPS Agent: “Evening sir, just need your signature for this international package here.”

Me: “What’s that, international mail you say? I just love packages with Japanese writing all over them.”

USPS Agent: “Right, whatever, here’s your package, have a good day.”


So a few weeks back I purchased my first Japanese console but was still awaiting the arrival of several of the NTSC-J games that I’d purchased around the same time. Most of them were stacks but today came Espgaluda: II Black Label which ironically can be played on my NTSC console since it’s region-free. E:II:BL is a cave shooter which I am starting to like a lot, but it’s hard as fuck lol. I’m sure I can squeeze out about 500/1000 because of infinite continues, but it gets pretty trippy with all the color changes and bullet cancels and all that schtuff but I’m sure i’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. My first achievement in the game, which was pretty terrible on my part, was acquired by being damaged in the first 10 seconds of the first level which is funny because you start with an auto shield that lasts for about 20 seconds… lol

…That’s all I’ve got…

Occupy XBOX: The idle boost of R6V & the PS3 ‘Dust Off Initiative’

Now is as good a chance as ever to fire up the ole’ PS3 and finish one of the many games that I’ve neglected for ages. For most of this week, I’ll be idling my console in an effort to achieve the rank of Elite in Rainbow Six Vegas which will compell me to finally 1k this very old (but good) game. I have a lot of studying to do as proficiency and skills tests are right around the corner and I have to remain sharp so eliminating my preferred type of gameplay (Xbox/PC) from the equation makes for some serious study time. Other than going out and flipping through Netflix, I know that I will need to play something but I just don’t know what?! A little help por favor?

The titles I have available for PS3 are as follows:

  • God of War: 3
  • God of War :Collection
  • God of War: Origins
  • Heavy Rain
  • Killzone 3
  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • No More Heroes Paradise
  • Resistance: 1
  • Resistance : 2
  • Resistance: 3
  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
  • Ratchet & Clank: Future: Tools of Destruction
  • Sly Cooper: The Sly Collection
  • Uncharted: 2
  • Uncharted: 3
  • Yakuza 4

All comments welcome!

…That’s all I’ve got…

Team Drama Llama – GSP:M

So I know I said a few months back that I would never join another GSL because I would get annoyed half way through but when I heard about the Gamerscore Popcast Marathon, I became interested mainly because it was a set up as a distance race rather than a sprint! I am happy with the pairings as I know my team will be very laid back but still in to scoring. Because of my sporadic game-play and hectic schedule, I know that some weeks I’ll be completely MIA and others I will be exploring the likes of numerous shit games then even it out with the typhoon of late winter releases that i’ve pre-ordered.

More to come as the contest nears the start date. I simply made this post because I was playing Frontlines: Fuel of War, going for the ironman achievements and my tank kept getting donkey punched, which resulted in me getting upset then compelling me to come up with silly graphics like the one above for mild amusement.