Who’s Your Caddy – The Golf Club preReview

There are about as many golf games available as I have fingers and of that small pot they all are pretty well made. The Golf Club by H.B. Studios is no exception, this game holds up with the current competition of Powerstar Golf and EA Sports Tiger Woods. I had the pleasure of testing out the Steam Early Access version of TGC which will be making its way to Xbox One in the very near future.

The Golf Club gives you total control of club selection, aim, power, augmentation of your swing for wind adjustment and good-ole-fashioned “gut-feeling”. With all those factors in play, each shot has a different outcome which constantly changes the dynamic of every game you play. I played a few rounds (I’m terrible at golf) but still found myself wanting to play more. That feeling made me realize that TGC was a totally competent game that anyone could pick up and find enjoyment in it. My only gripe so far would be the mouse/keyboard controls; I really, really believe that the console versions will have a tremendous advantage on that due to the precision and wonderful design of both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

There are several official golf courses in the game that look like the real-deal and also a robust course creation tool which expands the replayability factor. The first thing that piqued my interest about the ability to create courses was the achievements! (Xbox One). Hopefully the community will be able to create some awesome content that will help newcomers to the golf genre have a much easier time with completing/enjoying this title.

Let’s be honest, not many people are clambering over the mountains of other games available to get their paws on golf game titles but there might be a special place for this title especially on consoles. Golf is a very technical sport and precision and concentration is key. I previously mentioned Powerstar Golf because comparatively that’s TGC’s only competition at present. The two are actually different styles of games, with The Golf Club being more simulation and a lot less “goofy”.

Since this is an early release and not a final build, I cannot in good faith give it a numerical score, however I look forward to reviewing the Xbox One version in the near future but for now the only review I can give it is: -“I’d tap that”