Afro Samurai 1k FINALLY

I’ve been putting this great game on hold for quite a while, I was dreading the Empty 7’s Story that everyone was complaining about as you can clearly see from my previous post. Makes no sense that I made Justice my bitch after 3 tries but it took me 10 years to beat the Flame boss and the endless waves of ninjas pft whatever 1k down 65k more to go :-\

Oh and Afro Samurai you are my bitch.

F*ck you Afro Samurai

Ok wtf? Hard mode seriously? It’s one things for a game to be difficult but shit Chapter 7 Empty 7’s Story Part 2 is unrelenting, you fight wave after wave of ninjas then you fight more waves of suicide queens. I rejoice as if i’d just beaten the section but oh shit wait we’ve got big f*cking guys with jumbo Ginsus in waves of 2 running down the steps one after the other 4 f*cking times in a row?!? Health items anyone? omfg wtf? At least I think it’s 4 times because I just died AGAIN…this is bullshit do I have to complete this?

This is ass dude i’m really starting to get pissed. You die after killing like 50 enemies then you have to start back from the very beginning….wtf is this Shinobi? If i wanted to get my ass raped by an unfair difficulty i’d pop in Ninja Gaiden on the hardest difficulty….Maybe it’s just me whining but if anyone out there has beaten this chapter please at least settle my heart by letting me know that you had just as much trouble as I on this portion of the game and due tell any strategies you may have….

F*ck you Samuel L. Jackson I don’t know why there are so many motherf*cking snakes on your motherf*cking plane but I do know that if you don’t stop laughing at me every time I die on the last wave im going to snap your game in half and slit my wrists with it….well maybe not mine, I love myself too much but Thrawn is a better candidate.

My Deepest Condolences

I must send out my official condolences to the family of Bishop024 for he has officially passed away. It’s has been 5 days since he has last been online as per the official statement released from the Xbox Live team and is as follows: “Bishop024 was last seen 08/21/09 playing Xbox 360 Dashboard” The only reason that Bishop024 would miss gaming it up on his xbox is either a family emergency or a possible red ring.

R.I.P. Bishop024

Twitter This

Why get a twitter account when I can post shitty condensed msgs on my blogspot page from my cell phone. Im like 2ft from my pc oh fuck I’m almost at 160 charact

“Give Us Freee!”

OK so I am still in the office designing away which sucks because the AC is busted and it’s hotter than Meagan Fox’s cooter in here sigh. Anyways I guess I can take a break to bliggidy blog really fast and since this is a gamer blog I guess I shall simply write about what I would be playing right now if I were in front of my box right now so here goes:

I would probably just be loading up Shadow Complex and going “ohhhhh and ahhhh” the first few minutes then after a while it will set in that EPIC made this turd and it will probably contain some shitty glitch like beat the game 100,001 times to unlock the final achievement. Moving along, after testing SC out I would pop in some Wolfenstein and explore a bit more an at this time as per Bishops message stated “Red Faction tonight?” I would promptly eject the Wolf2k9 disc and put in RedFaction: Guerrilla so that we can bang bitches with our hammers in multiplayer for some good clean wind-down for the evening fun until I get bored to which Bishop would then exclaim “You never finish anything” and then Derek will enter the party at the right moment then say “That’s what she said” then Thrawn; sitting behind his imperial managerial desk at Walmart will chuckle delightfully as he reads this post….

OK back to reality, people please help spice up this evening with your commentary because i’m dying here lol this is the 3rd night in a row staying in the office until after 12am and once again I must state, I hate being an adult but if I don’t do it…who would?

Wolfenstein 2k9

Ok so my first impression was “meh” at best but maybe I set my bar too high? I was a HUGE fan of Wolf3D, SoD, Doom etc but once I popped this in it was as if I was playing Call of Duty 2.5. The graphics are decent, controls work but it just didn’t have the umph factor that I felt a title such as this should have. Maybe its just me because Nazi murder should be fun and overly enjoyable and I just wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I should have been. Perhaps I shall go see Inglorious Bastards then give Wolfie another shot after i’m all riled up from live action Nazi murder brought by Angelina’s beefcake.

P.S. Thrawn I don’t make super long paragraphs like you because most gamers have ADD and will only read as much as they can in the time it takes them to change the batteries on their controller pack. BUT I promise that every post will be more than 160 characters… I can justify not having a ******* account…..

SUPCOM – God damn that was tedious

Hey, Hi, Whatsup up, good afternoon, hey F*CK you Supreme Commander 🙂 after a million glitched saves and months of hard ass work i’ve finally pounded you in to submission and that officially makes you my


Supreme Commander is now officially 1ked