Surgeon Generals Warning PT2

OK you fucks, I’m up waaaaay past my bed time and i’m going to be a wreck at work tomorrow but i’m pretty sure this is worth it….It will be once I hear feedback and if I get at least 1 laugh that will suffice.


ASS 59 and BELOW (Damnation)
PALMABLE 60 -70 (Sacred 2: Fallen Angel)
TITILATING 71 – 79 (Darksiders)
JUGGULAR 80 -84 (Dante’s Inferno)
TITS AHOY 85-89 (Bioshock 2)
TITIMUS MAXIMUS 90 – 95 (Bayonetta)

…Without further ado:

The BL4CK Dude is late…AGAIN!

Bah, title says it all, to all of my 3 followers I know i’ve been out of touch with my bloggings but as some of you may know I recently landed a new job and they have kept me turbo busy….yes I said turbo…I have very little time for my xbox for now but when the weekend hits it’s gaming time! I haven’t forgotten about Tharens image which I have to edit, boosting Turning Point, preparing for Fracture or clostering a few adequate breasts for my post previous. All within time gentlemen but for now all i can include is a title image for this post for today.