Go Go Fast Finish Arigatou GFWL Climax-ida SHUTDOWN OPERATIONOSAN!

I gave the old Xbone some glamor shots a few weeks back and haven’t gotten a chance to post them until now:

Old Ry-Guy hooked a brother up with this!

While I’m on the subject of that CrAsian, there’s also this:

Go Go Fast Finish Arigatou GFWL Climax-ida SHUTDOWN OPERATIONOSAN
(Love, Fight, Fast, Hard | Oh No’s | Giggle)

Read more about the latest escapades with http://www.trueachievements.com/Ryot+Control.htm on his blog!! [ http://www.trueachievements.com/gamerblog.aspx?gamerblogid=52230 ]

While executing the above operation, Silly Silv busted up his computer something serious 🙁 but I couldn’t be down for the count! I had to regroup and push my 5-year build a PC up by 1 year and did this over the weekend:

I’ve been cooking more lately and made these nom-noms:

I updated my website to include about 200+ hi-res images of just games, food and crap so feel free to check it out!