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I wasn’t expecting to sound off this evening, but as per reading Major Nelsons post about the leaderboards of Shadow Complex being reset and cheaters being banned/gamerscore reset, I had to say SOMETHING. OK there are many cheaters out there but hmm why is it M$ only polices those that f*ck with EPIC or BUNGIE? It’s because that’s the bottom line because Big Badass Cliffy Butthole B says so. I don’t want to read too much in to it, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of you guys out there and give me an excuse to make a funny picture lol. The post is below for those who haven’t seen it:

A message to the Shadow Complex community

The team at Chair Entertainment continues to look for ways to enrich the “Shadow Complex” experience for players even if it means taking action by deleting leaderboard information generated by those who try to compromise our game.

This week the Xbox LIVE enforcement team will begin taking steps against players verified as cheaters. These players have not only violated the spirit of the game, but they have also violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Moving forward, initial steps will be taken with a number of player accounts that belong to verified cheaters including:

  • The player will be deleted from the “Shadow Complex” leaderboard
  • The Xbox LIVE enforcement team will investigate individual players removed from the leaderboards for potential resetting of the user’s gamerscore. The reset would include all games, not just “Shadow Complex.”
  • Those accounts determined by the Xbox enforcement team to have their gamerscore reset will be branded on Xbox LIVE as belonging to a cheater, and this information will be reflected in the gamer profile, both on and in the Xbox Dashboard on the console.

We believe that our players deserve a level playing field, and both teams at Xbox LIVE and Chair Entertainment are committed to providing the best overall game experience on Xbox LIVE. To learn more about the LIVE policy on gamerscore corrections, please read the FAQ on

For more information on the Xbox LIVE terms of use, please visit

Update: Chair has made a forum post that goes into a little more detail around the cheating.

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