I’ve decided to start completing more of the games I play because over the last few years I kind of said “eh fuck it.” It’s just a little sad that I’m barely over 100 completions and I’ve played over 400+ games lol. It’s time that I got back to ‘BL4CK OWNED’, a term I used a few years ago whenever I’d complete a game. My current completion percentage on is 58%, I’m not really a stats whore but something about that bothers me so I’ve recently added the goal to tick up those numeros to 75% by years end and to complete 85 more games before January 1, 2013… Hopefully I can not get annoyed at what I play for the next few months to seriously put a dent in that “goal”. I’ll at least look forward to making silly graphics for each completed game when the time comes and i’ll do my breast best to “rate” the aforementioned games as I finish in an effort to give my honest opinion of each title….Stay tuned!


In case you missed the rating system that I posted 2 years ago, i’ve included it below….yes I know, juvenile isn’t it?? Welcome to my world…:)

>> [POST contains uh….. ‘mildly suggestive adult content’ lol] <<

Surgeon Generals Warning PT2


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  1. play for enjoyment… don’t sit there and grind out a stupid game if your not enjoying it you’ll get burned out… now if you find enough enjoyment out of the ding! achievement unlocked power to you! but I worried so much about completion that I wouldn’t start good games… and missed out on so many “hard to complete but super awesome games” 

    1. Rest assured, I will only go for completions in games I really really enjoy or ones that at least have a tolerable amount of collectables! I’ll never go back and play the likes of Damnation or Spiderwick Chronicles bleh. I never want to have another burn out where I didn’t even power up my console for something crazy like 86 days. I know I won’t 1k Dark Souls any time soon but I will damn sure try!

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