Bye Bye Hi Hi Me Me Gone Gone Long Time No More YES!

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything so I guess I should at least give the 3 readers that I still have left; Thrawn, Sabre & Bishop, a decent post banner to chuckle at before I get this ball rolling.

In recent gaming news, I been playing relatively a lot compared to how a was in the months previous, I’ve set a goal to reach 200k by September 9th 2010 (lol I know yea right) and I’m trying to play more games that I actually like rather than just going for the cheevos. The caveat is that I’m trying to complete or near full completion in those games. I do know that I will not be completing Wolfenstein because they completely destroyed a franchise that I had loved from a very early age. Not to rant but it is a complete terd, (sorry Thrawn) but I will still boost whatever needs to be boosted for the rest of the gentlemen in the HOTBA; god damn that sounds nice, without complaint.

It’s late/early as hell but I had to make some last min edits on a few sites for clients that I hadn’t finished on Friday then I got the urge to polish off Bayonetta, (which is AWESOME btw but the difficulty is pretty cruel). I’ll have about 5 or 6 more posts with post banner images of course to accompany them as a treat since I have been on a 2 month hiatus.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet due to my relatively good mood but I feel a rager coming on in the next few days *cough* Army of Two The 40th Piece of Shit. J*sus, f*ck you EA (sorry Bishop but they deserve that one)

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  1. Back from the dead, I see. I lol'ed at that banner. Awesomeness. I know Wolfenstein is mediocre as hell, but since 500 of its points are online, its one I really wanted to see us boost and be done with.

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