F*ck you Afro Samurai

Ok wtf? Hard mode seriously? It’s one things for a game to be difficult but shit Chapter 7 Empty 7’s Story Part 2 is unrelenting, you fight wave after wave of ninjas then you fight more waves of suicide queens. I rejoice as if i’d just beaten the section but oh shit wait we’ve got big f*cking guys with jumbo Ginsus in waves of 2 running down the steps one after the other 4 f*cking times in a row?!? Health items anyone? omfg wtf? At least I think it’s 4 times because I just died AGAIN…this is bullshit do I have to complete this?

This is ass dude i’m really starting to get pissed. You die after killing like 50 enemies then you have to start back from the very beginning….wtf is this Shinobi? If i wanted to get my ass raped by an unfair difficulty i’d pop in Ninja Gaiden on the hardest difficulty….Maybe it’s just me whining but if anyone out there has beaten this chapter please at least settle my heart by letting me know that you had just as much trouble as I on this portion of the game and due tell any strategies you may have….

F*ck you Samuel L. Jackson I don’t know why there are so many motherf*cking snakes on your motherf*cking plane but I do know that if you don’t stop laughing at me every time I die on the last wave im going to snap your game in half and slit my wrists with it….well maybe not mine, I love myself too much but Thrawn is a better candidate.

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  1. I surprisingly did this in just a couple of tries. I was aware from forums that people were saying that part was the hardest in the game so I took their tips and it helps.

    1) Make sure you use the poker. If you do that you get your health replenished at the end

    2) Try and take out opponents 1 on 1. You can try and draw them away from the pack, making it easier for you.

    3) When you get to the big guys at the end run to where the lava or whatever is and they will charge at you. Dodge him and then slice him a few times and he'll fall in to the fire. Repeat.

    It's not easy but can be done. There is indeed 4 waves of those big guys at the end and then your done. There's a reason why I have the Hard Achievement in this game on my TA Trophy Case…. lol

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