Freshly Wrapped Japanese Console! Hey Hey Love Games Play!

So today I got home from an awesome “staycation” that my girlfriend put together for my birthday and needless to say, “it was fucking awesome.” When we returned home the wicked Snow Mother of the Atlantic rained down her putrid discharge which most people just call snow, but that shit totally fucked up my internets!!! So without the interwebs I got pretty bored so I decided to reactivate my “blog”. I had nothing to write about so my ADD kicked in and I decided to wrap my new Japanese console with a DeadSpace 2 vinyl skin–bad idea as it took forever and when it came to closing off the gaps i got lazy and just cut it lol. Either way that’s all I got, this is meant to be a place for me to screw around and keep sharp with my Photoshop. Don’t get too comfortable as this might die in a few months do to my sheer laziness or I get retarded busy and would rather just play games.

So far I only have 4 Japanese games but will get to playing them next week because most of them are stacks. The only two that  I’m stoked to play are Phantom Breaker, which I purchased prematurely and now those fucks are porting an English NTSC version grrrr, and Espgaluda II Black Label (Region Free).

List of new NTSC-J acquisitions

  • 50 Cent BOTS (Jap)
  • Bioshock (Jap)
  • Bioshock: 2 (Jap)
  • Bioshock: 2 (Kor)
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition (Jap)
  • Espgaluda: II Black Label (RF)


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