I Am A Douchebag and So Can You Awards 1st Nominee

Ok ladies and gentlemen, so today Silva is in a bit of a shitty mood due to the weather and waking up too early and not having enough milk to properly coat his corn pops evenly. Moving along….. I was going to fluff this off because I know everyone gets silly messages such as the one above where people claim that your gs is fake blah blah blah. I’m going to attempt to itemize this as to maintain order within my rant and make it short sweet and to the point.

1) F*CK YOU, Good Morning.

2) I don’t reply to messages such as Exhibit A as to minimize the risk of phishers, account glitchers and the sort.

3) Pe0PlE THat TaLk liKe tHiS !n fUck!nG wIerD stUpId leTtErS aNd uSe nUmBeRs iNsTeAd oF LeTtErS iN thiEr mEsSaGeS, suck ass HARD. I don’t know how I feel about abortion but someone should have at least nudged this kids mom down a 99 step flight of stairs in hopes of an accident.

4) You suck ass even HARDER if you spend your days policing xbox live, telling people their gaming is illegitimate.

5) You’re in the same category as Kanye West today because of his Douchery last night at the awards. you guys were made for each other.

OK, i’m done.
No wait i’m not.
I don’t know if I’m completely soaked in a coagulated mixture of super ultra mega cool paste and Champion Stuff juice or maybe just another guy that gets random silly messages and should simply write it off. Whatever it be, please stay tuned for more I Am A Douche And So Can You Awards!

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