Mass Effect Demo Gets an “F”…..Cup!

I got early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo this weekend and all I have to say is…..WHOA….This along with Bioshock Infinite are my most anticipated titles of the year. From what I’ve seen of the very spoiler free trail is a lot more polish on an already solid game. I won’t give away too much and ruin it for the folks that will have access to it starting this Tuesday (2/14/12) nor will I gloat, boast, or repeatedly say “this is fucking awesome” because everyone will do that on their own when they get the chance to jump in! I give the demo a perfect score and I know the full game will also receive just that sooooo that’s all I’ve got….I’m going to go replay that demo again then jump in to some Darknasty II and hopefully make that my next completion.

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