The BL4CK Dude is late…AGAIN!

Bah, title says it all, to all of my 3 followers I know i’ve been out of touch with my bloggings but as some of you may know I recently landed a new job and they have kept me turbo busy….yes I said turbo…I have very little time for my xbox for now but when the weekend hits it’s gaming time! I haven’t forgotten about Tharens image which I have to edit, boosting Turning Point, preparing for Fracture or clostering a few adequate breasts for my post previous. All within time gentlemen but for now all i can include is a title image for this post for today.

Surgeon General’s Warning – These Tits are Gonna get HUGE

Ok gents, after reading all of you guys’s bloggings and recent upchuck of commentary, I have decided to kick my efforts in to high gear and try something new. I will start writing the posts at work when I have free time then coming up with an image at home; more than likely an extremely inappropriate creation hence the need for doing it at home.

I’d like to start this post off announcing my new (de)grading which is a boob based ranking system. Ranging from a game like Bayonetta being a “DD – Major Boobage” to a title such as Damnation which is an “A – Get a Training Bra” stay tuned, because the imagery is bound to be extremely exciting, over the top, and most undoubtedly offensive to everyone. 😀

Bye Bye Hi Hi Me Me Gone Gone Long Time No More YES!

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything so I guess I should at least give the 3 readers that I still have left; Thrawn, Sabre & Bishop, a decent post banner to chuckle at before I get this ball rolling.

In recent gaming news, I been playing relatively a lot compared to how a was in the months previous, I’ve set a goal to reach 200k by September 9th 2010 (lol I know yea right) and I’m trying to play more games that I actually like rather than just going for the cheevos. The caveat is that I’m trying to complete or near full completion in those games. I do know that I will not be completing Wolfenstein because they completely destroyed a franchise that I had loved from a very early age. Not to rant but it is a complete terd, (sorry Thrawn) but I will still boost whatever needs to be boosted for the rest of the gentlemen in the HOTBA; god damn that sounds nice, without complaint.

It’s late/early as hell but I had to make some last min edits on a few sites for clients that I hadn’t finished on Friday then I got the urge to polish off Bayonetta, (which is AWESOME btw but the difficulty is pretty cruel). I’ll have about 5 or 6 more posts with post banner images of course to accompany them as a treat since I have been on a 2 month hiatus.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet due to my relatively good mood but I feel a rager coming on in the next few days *cough* Army of Two The 40th Piece of Shit. J*sus, f*ck you EA (sorry Bishop but they deserve that one)

Are you There Jesus? It’s Me Silva…

Wow, I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks. I have been so busy that i’ve started to neglect my blog – “Oh no he didn’t”; oh yes I did. I should have a few more posts to follow shortly but before I kick things off I would like to make everyone jealous by saying that Jesus has personally given me an early Christmas gift. BORDERLANDS! The game is pretty badass, I find it so enjoyable that I go around looking at the different buildings and enemies in awe of the art style and how smooth the textures look. After I stopped salivating I began to shoot things and blow stuff up and then 45 minutes later I realized that I was still doing the “tutorial” lol. This should be an enjoyable 1k for the future but I will try and take my time with this one but I highly doubt that I will be playing much of anything else due to the fact that Modern Warfare 2 is right around the corner. Are you ready for me Osama? Hide your turban you should have never fucked with Team America.

P.S. Can someone please clarify if we will still be killing Iraqi terrorists in MW:2 even though it takes place on US soil.

Shousha Tatakai Hai – Let’s Go GSL Play!

OK, So i’ve just received some wonderful information that a few of my boys are going to be in a subscribers tourney over @ and wanted to show my support by giving “The Hand of Thrawn” a little brand identity. If that isn’t sexy then I don’t know what is. With an acronym like HoT, there is no chance of failure, now lets get out there boys and score some points. Oooraah! – Damn Sabre where have you been hiding?


OK So now that the new DLC for Left4Dead is out, i’ve been getting spammed to stop being a poor ass and purchased it for 560 M$ points. OK so now that the points are about to be purchase, where art thou team? Can’t murder zombies with 3 people it would just be uncivilized. So Bishop, Thrawn; find a 4th man so we can rock this f*cker until the wheels fall off, ’til then….prepare to Firefight!!!

America; f*ck yea!

OK, I haven’t posted in like a week or two but this one is for Molneze, fighting (lmao) over in the desert sands for our fredom. Oorah cowboy drop a missile with my name on it or a flare since I know those 4k lbs fuckers are pretty expensive. This was the first of many posts for the week ladies and gentlemen so bear with me, there will be more ranting and reviewing to come shortly. But lets give a big round of applause for our Air Force. Oh and i’m extremely honored that that picture above is real and was all for me!!!!! ^^^^ F*cking BAD ASS

All your GamerPoints Are Belong To Us

I wasn’t expecting to sound off this evening, but as per reading Major Nelsons post about the leaderboards of Shadow Complex being reset and cheaters being banned/gamerscore reset, I had to say SOMETHING. OK there are many cheaters out there but hmm why is it M$ only polices those that f*ck with EPIC or BUNGIE? It’s because that’s the bottom line because Big Badass Cliffy Butthole B says so. I don’t want to read too much in to it, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of you guys out there and give me an excuse to make a funny picture lol. The post is below for those who haven’t seen it:

A message to the Shadow Complex community

The team at Chair Entertainment continues to look for ways to enrich the “Shadow Complex” experience for players even if it means taking action by deleting leaderboard information generated by those who try to compromise our game.

This week the Xbox LIVE enforcement team will begin taking steps against players verified as cheaters. These players have not only violated the spirit of the game, but they have also violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Moving forward, initial steps will be taken with a number of player accounts that belong to verified cheaters including:

  • The player will be deleted from the “Shadow Complex” leaderboard
  • The Xbox LIVE enforcement team will investigate individual players removed from the leaderboards for potential resetting of the user’s gamerscore. The reset would include all games, not just “Shadow Complex.”
  • Those accounts determined by the Xbox enforcement team to have their gamerscore reset will be branded on Xbox LIVE as belonging to a cheater, and this information will be reflected in the gamer profile, both on and in the Xbox Dashboard on the console.

We believe that our players deserve a level playing field, and both teams at Xbox LIVE and Chair Entertainment are committed to providing the best overall game experience on Xbox LIVE. To learn more about the LIVE policy on gamerscore corrections, please read the FAQ on

For more information on the Xbox LIVE terms of use, please visit

Update: Chair has made a forum post that goes into a little more detail around the cheating.

– Excerpted from

COD6 Modern Warfare 2 LE 250GB HD Elite Xbox, Me Love You Long Time – Or At Least Until You Red Ring

OK William; nice try, you almost got me. You drop the prices on consoles to keep customers from purchasing the new more affordable PS3 slim but then slam us with a new elite console? Yes the console is black like the elite, it’s got a 250GB HD and comes with Modern Warfare 2 and dos controladores but eh, something’s missing….

You still have no wifi and we still can’t upgrade the HDD capacity at our own free will! Newegg sells a comparable 250GB laptop size internal HDD for 59.99 am I missing something? Ah that’s right. It doesn’t come all blinged the fuck out in MadCatz Modern Warfare 2 console stickers. Ok so clearly this is a money grab and M$ knows that limited means only 1 million consoles will be produced until they all red ring then you will be able to pick up another one at your local BestBuy.

Since I am a money conscious gamer I’m going to put together a few alternative bundles for you guys out there, hope you enjoy: