Shousha Tatakai Hai – Let’s Go GSL Play!

OK, So i’ve just received some wonderful information that a few of my boys are going to be in a subscribers tourney over @ and wanted to show my support by giving “The Hand of Thrawn” a little brand identity. If that isn’t sexy then I don’t know what is. With an acronym like HoT, there is no chance of failure, now lets get out there boys and score some points. Oooraah! – Damn Sabre where have you been hiding?

4 Replies to “Shousha Tatakai Hai – Let’s Go GSL Play!”

  1. Holy fucking jesus that's funny.

    Any chance you could make us a sig for this GSL? Text on it would be the team name and "Subscriber GSL VIII." Your work is always A+ quality.

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