Espgaluda II – My first trip to Japan (gaming)

*Knock, Knock*

Me: “Who’s there?”

USPS Agent: “Mailman”

Me: “Ahh, do enter good Sir!”

USPS Agent: “Evening sir, just need your signature for this international package here.”

Me: “What’s that, international mail you say? I just love packages with Japanese writing all over them.”

USPS Agent: “Right, whatever, here’s your package, have a good day.”


So a few weeks back I purchased my first Japanese console but was still awaiting the arrival of several of the NTSC-J games that I’d purchased around the same time. Most of them were stacks but today came Espgaluda: II Black Label which ironically can be played on my NTSC console since it’s region-free. E:II:BL is a cave shooter which I am starting to like a lot, but it’s hard as fuck lol. I’m sure I can squeeze out about 500/1000 because of infinite continues, but it gets pretty trippy with all the color changes and bullet cancels and all that schtuff but I’m sure i’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. My first achievement in the game, which was pretty terrible on my part, was acquired by being damaged in the first 10 seconds of the first level which is funny because you start with an auto shield that lasts for about 20 seconds… lol

…That’s all I’ve got…