Team Drama Llama – GSP:M

So I know I said a few months back that I would never join another GSL because I would get annoyed half way through but when I heard about the Gamerscore Popcast Marathon, I became interested mainly because it was a set up as a distance race rather than a sprint! I am happy with the pairings as I know my team will be very laid back but still in to scoring. Because of my sporadic game-play and hectic schedule, I know that some weeks I’ll be completely MIA and others I will be exploring the likes of numerous shit games then even it out with the typhoon of late winter releases that i’ve pre-ordered.

More to come as the contest nears the start date. I simply made this post because I was playing Frontlines: Fuel of War, going for the ironman achievements and my tank kept getting donkey punched, which resulted in me getting upset then compelling me to come up with silly graphics like the one above for mild amusement.

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