Wolfenstein 2k9

Ok so my first impression was “meh” at best but maybe I set my bar too high? I was a HUGE fan of Wolf3D, SoD, Doom etc but once I popped this in it was as if I was playing Call of Duty 2.5. The graphics are decent, controls work but it just didn’t have the umph factor that I felt a title such as this should have. Maybe its just me because Nazi murder should be fun and overly enjoyable and I just wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I should have been. Perhaps I shall go see Inglorious Bastards then give Wolfie another shot after i’m all riled up from live action Nazi murder brought by Angelina’s beefcake.

P.S. Thrawn I don’t make super long paragraphs like you because most gamers have ADD and will only read as much as they can in the time it takes them to change the batteries on their controller pack. BUT I promise that every post will be more than 160 characters…..so I can justify not having a ******* account…..

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